Six Reasons to Hire a Professional Graphics Designer?

Six Reasons to Hire a Professional Graphics Designer?

Many companies no longer use professional graphic design services. Instead, they turn to cheap or free options that they hope will influence their target groups. There are bucket loads of websites offering ready-made logo designs, web site and presentation templates.
Perhaps the main reason for this is perceived cost savings. Everyone likes to “save money” but sometimes “saving money costs money”. Most of us can think of examples in our lives when a do it yourself approach resulted in poor outcomes, lost revenues and missed opportunities. Many businesses are unaware of or minimize the importance of good consistent visual presentations and the visual elements of brand recognition, and as a result they ignore the value that a professional graphic designer brings to the table.

1. Save your time-save your money!
As a business person, you have many responsibilities, but your focus should be on things like paying the bills, increasing sales, and finding and keeping customers. Your time is worth a lot of money. So why would you spend your time coming up with a new logo concept, PowerPoint presentation, web site or brochure? Not only do you have to summon up design skills you may or may not have, you may also have to tackle unknown and complicated software! Save time and money by working with a professional designer and spend your time on what you do best!

2. You will gain a fresh perspective!
Even if you are 100% certain of what you expect from a project, it’s worth getting a professional’s second opinion. Brainstorming with a graphic designer is invaluable. He or she will help you understand how a person who isn’t related to your business perceives it. This can open new opportunities for your brand that you wouldn’t otherwise be aware of.
A graphic designer will draw a prospect’s attention to your brand in a creative way. He or she will advise and above all focus on the visual aspects of communication, that will influence your target audience.

3. Your visual identity will be consistent!
This is one of the most important issues when it comes to visual communication and brand recognition. One of the chief roles of a professional graphic designer is to maintain visual brand integrity e.g. ensuring that logos, fonts, colors and document formats are consistent and compatible in all media and across all platforms. A consistent visual identity is one of the key aspects of successful businesses.
In a changing digital world, we are constantly moving towards miniaturization. A good designer will prepare your visual identification for even the smallest devices where your brand can be found.

4. Your company will look professional!
A brand is not just graphics. It is also a strategy that is related to the mission of the company and its message. The designer will take the time to get to know your target audience, your competition and to find out about your business as much as possible before he/she starts work.
“In many businesses, especially service businesses – all the prospect may ever know about you before he picks up the phone is what you communicate to them by printed word or graphics”

5. Stand apart in a crowded marketplace!
Daily, we are bombarded with thousands of ads. Everyone wants to be noticed. A good designer knows how to make your brand recognizable, and stand out from the competition. A strong brand is consistent. Logo, color, font, layout… Consistency – all this increases your recognition. All this maximizes your promotional dollar.

6. You will draw people to you!
Good design inspires people- it attracts them – encourages action and makes them want to spend money on your product or service. Good visual identification inspires company pride and attracts quality employees.

About the Authors
This article is provided by Terry Butler, Principal, Reliance Business Development, Raleigh NC 919-740-0317 and Wojciech Dobija, Lead Designer, Inception Agency.

Happy New Year and Thanks/ Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku i wielkie dzięki!
Happy New Year and Thanks/ Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku i wielkie dzięki!
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